Columbia South Carolina Hotel - Points of Interest :

When you want hotels near Columbia Convention Center, we’re ready to serve you at Comfort Inn. We put you close enough to reach the center without having to stay in the hassles and traffic of being right next door. We also make a smart option in Columbia SC hotels near Riverbanks Zoo, a 170-acre place that features a zoo, aquarium and popular botanical garden too. And you can’t go wrong when you select us when looking for a hotel near Lake Murray Country. Plus, we’re not far from everything that Jackson has to offer as well.

Other places you may want to see or visit while in the Columbia area include popular Columbia Place Mall, the South Carolina State House, Historic Columbia Foundation, EdVenture Children’s Museum and so much more. At every turn, there are places of interest and things to see and do when you stay in budget-friendly comfort at Comfort Inn in Columbia, South Carolina. When you add in our many amenities – including free wifi and free breakfast – you can see why people stay with us again and again. Please come experience the difference for yourself. You’ll love staying close to everything where your needs are respected and met.

Area Attractions nearby Hotel in Columbia SC:

  •  Riverbanks Zoo - 3.0m/4.8km W
  •  Lake Murray Center - 5.78m/9.0km W
  •  Columbia Convention Ctr - 7.24m/6.4km E
  •  Columbiana Centre Mall - 6.0m/9.3km E
  •  Columbia Riverfront - 6.46/10.4km E
  •  Historic Columbia Foundation - 5.46m/8.4km E
  •  State Museum - 5.0m/8.0km E
  •  USC McKissick Museum - 5.81m/9.4km E
  •  USC Sports Complex - 7.93m/8.0km E
  •  Colonial Center - 8.0m/8.0km E
  •  William Brice Stadium - 9.85m/12.9km E
  •  Columbia Museum of Art - 7.21m/8.0km E
  •  EdVenture Children's Museum - 6.02/9.9km E


Transportation :

  •  Local Taxi Service 0.0m/0.0km N
  •  Amtrac Train Station 5.0m/8.0km E
  •  Columbia Metro. Airport 9.0m/14.5km SW
  •  Lake Murray Marina 12.0m/19.3km W


Activities & Services :

  •  Shopping 0.5m/0.8km
  •  Beauty Shop 3.0m/4.8km
  •  Convenience Store 1.0m/1.6km
  •  Gift Shop 3.0m/4.8km
  •  Library 1.0m/1.6km
  •  Sunday Brunch 4.0m/6.4km
  •  News Stand 1.0m/1.6km
  •  Badminton 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Game Room 2.0m/3.2km
  •  Barber Shop 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Picnic Area 2.0m/3.2km
  •  Basketball 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Tanning Bed 2.0m/3.2km
  •  Bicycle Rental 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Playground 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Scooter Rental 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Secretarial Service 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Trap/Skeet Shooting 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Water Skiing 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Snorkeling 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Teleconference Service 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Lit Outdoor Tennis Courts 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Volleyball 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Yoga 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Boating 9.0m/14.5km
  •  Fishing 9.0m/14.5km
  •  Boat Rental 9.0m/14.5km
  •  Canoeing 9.0m/14.5km
  •  Fishing 9.0m/14.5km
  •  Bike Path 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Billiard Room 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Bowling 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Golf Course 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Driving Range 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Miniature Golf 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Putting Green 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Handball 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Hay Rides 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Hiking/Nature Area 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Horseback Riding 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Hunting 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Jeep Tours 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Jogging track/trail 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Parasailing 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Racquetball 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Scuba Diving 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Shuffleboard 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Sleigh rides 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Squash 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Indoor Tennis Courts 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Unlit Outdoor Tennis Courts 5.0m/8.0km
  •  Beach Access 125.0m/201.1km

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